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Online charity raffles are exactly what they say they are: an excellent way to donate to charity and win big at the same time. After all, the chances of winning a Cirrus G6 SR22 is made all the better knowing that the proceeds of the raffle will go to a great cause.

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Make your friends green with envy or team up and go all in together on this ultimate prize! You can select as many tickets as you like below for the ultimate reward. There are only 500,000 tickets in the draw. So not just the best-selling aircraft in its class but also the best odds of winning such a prize!

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Tickets will usually appear in your inbox within a few minutes but in some cases can take up to 48 hours. This unique draw is one-of-a-kind, bringing funding and attention to an all-important cause.

The Charity 

The cause being supported is a nonprofit called Angel Flight Australia which organises non-emergency flights to help rural residents receive specialised medical care. This reaches out to people who would not otherwise be able to afford these services due to long distances and expensive travel costs.

The Prize

A luxurious private plane to call your own. All inclusive of 12 months hangarage, management and up to $150k in AvGas! The victor will be free to go whenever and wherever they want with friends and family. Five people, including the pilot, can fit in the SR22. Additionally, you can make money by chartering your aircraft whilst you aren’t using it. You may use it in whatever way you like, it is your plane after all. Online raffle tickets allow you to donate to a good cause while also receiving something in return, in this case, a remarkable plane. To learn more about the prize, please see our terms and conditions.