The approximate total value of the Prize pool is $3,470,000 AUD*, as set out on our Prize/T&Cs page. The approximate prize value is based on USD to AUD exchange rate as at 22 December 2022.

*The final value of the Prize as at the date of the Draw will vary depending on the exchange rate at that time.

A maximum 500,000 tickets will be sold.

The Draw closes Wednesday 14 June 2023 at 10pm.  The Draw will take place on Thursday 15 June 2023. 

This lottery is real. The NSW Government granted Permit No GOCAU/2487 for this Art Union to take place.
Your Jet Life has been awarded a licence for the next five years, in which we will be running a minimum of two Draws per year.

You will receive your tickets via email within 24-48 hours of the payment being received. Please check your junk/spam folders for emails from tickets@yourjetlife.com

For PC users please go to File Explorer > Downloads folder

For MAC users please go to Finder> Downloads folder 

If your tickets are not showing in these locations, please contact support@yourjetlife.com 

Proceeds from the ticket sales – a guaranteed minimum of 30% will go directly to Angel Flight Australia (but we are hoping for this to be a lot more) to assist them in helping families in rural and remote communities in coordinating non-emergency flights to access specialist medical treatment that would otherwise be unavailable to them because of vast distance and high travel costs.  

Yes if you are the person who has the winning ticket drawn on 15 June 2023, then the aircraft including the entire prize package is yours. 

The winner will be notified by phone, email and registered mail. 

Following this, there will be a sit down with Your Jet Life and the winner to discuss what’s required by them, any add-ons, potential redelivery, which extras they want and do not want, and the balance between those costs and the value of first prize would either be allocated to future operating expenses or donated to the charity Angel Flight.

5, including the pilot.

Great included in this prize is full pilot training for you to fly your plane.

Depending if you are working full-time, you are looking at approximately 15-18months, whereas if you work part-time, you are looking at 12-15months.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We can organise pilots to fly you and your family/friends to wherever your destination is and for the first 12 months*, if you don’t take up the pilot training, this is included as part of your prize package.
*Or until your fuel allowance is used up

Under management, the aircraft can be chartered* to corporate and leisure travellers for use that will generate income for you.

*Charter would only be available if the aircraft is registered with an approved charter organisation under CASA guidelines.

No need to wait around to check in or join a bag drop queue, just call us, tell us your destination, and when you want to go and leave the rest to us. We’ll have you up in the air and flying in no time!

Uncomprising safety is a priority. The SR22 is the best-selling aircraft in its class and has been for 22 years and counting. The SR22 is equipped with innovative systems, including Electronic Stability & Protection (ESP), that are constantly working passively in the background to assist and alert the pilot without distracting. The Cirrus Airframe Parachute System® (CAPS®) also provides a wide array of protective layers to protect the pilot and passengers. For more on the safety of these aircrafts https://cirrusaircraft.com/aircraft/sr22/

Your SR22 comes with Cirrus IQ™, which provides ultimate connectivity, enabling real-time remote communication between aircraft and pilots virtually anywhere in the world.
You always know the status of your aircraft including fuel, oxygen, battery voltage, TKS levels, and more.

The Cirrus IQ allows you to view tech publications, maintenance reminders, warranty information, and automatic logging of trips and achievements.


Dependent on usage, most sellers would see a return of 80%- 90% after 12months, making you an instant millionaire.

If you win from another state, territory or country don’t worry our management operators are global and have hangar facilities in every state in Australia and countries worldwide. That said, if your state doesn’t currently have a facility, whenever you want to use your plane, it will be redirected to the state you are in.

For additional delivery, outside of NSW, to other states, territories, and countries, the remainder of the allocated Prize funds, if not utilised, will be allocated to operational expenses for the first year and beyond. 


Base Weight2272 lbs (1028 kg)
Useful Load1328 lbs (605 kg)
Cabin payload with 3 hr trip fuel and 45 min reserve963 lbs (439 kg)


Horsepower310 hp


Wingspan38 ft 4 in (11.68 m)
Length26 ft (7.92 m)
Height8 ft 11 in (2.7 m)
Cabin Width49 in (124 cm)
Cabin Height50 in (127 cm)


Takeoff1082 ft (330 m)
Takeoff Over 50 ft Obstacle1868 ft (569 m)
Climb Rate1270 ft/min (6.45 m/sec)
Max Operating Altitude17,500 ft (5,334 m)
Stall Speed with Flaps60 KCAS
Max Cruise Speed183 KTAS
Landing Groundroll1,178 ft (359 m)
These extras can be


Ice Protection

3 Blade Propellor

All to be determined by the winner

The AvGas fuel allowance allocated does not expire after 12 months. You can continue to use/access your fuel allowance until it is finished.
Additionally, if the winner chooses not to take up the Pilot’s training, then this allocation can be moved to the fuel allowance and other operational expenses.
The additional Software that can be added is:

Chartered software

Maintenance software

Scheduling software

Access to simulators or be provided with an at-home SIM


Under Art Union Rules, we cannot hand out cash, therefore any additional extras/allowances offered in Draw 001 deemed not suitable by the winner can be moved to operational costs allowing for the winner to enjoy the aircraft with no further costs after the initial 12-month period.

All Configuration changes are to be decided by the winner.
Your Jet Life has put a package price including extras based on currency conversion of 1.46 early to mid-December 2022. The currency rate will fluctuate throughout the 6-month draw time period, and package value may be adjusted closer to the Draw date with the current FX rate.

Please refer to the breakdown supplied here to give you an approximate annual costing. Please note these costs can be mitigated if you lease the plane out when you are not using it. Remember, even during your first 12 months, you can lease your aircraft to other corporate and leisure travellers generating income.* 

*See FAQ Generating Income above


Your Jet Life is a joint effort by Monarc Global and the charity Angel Flight Australia. The NSW Government granted Permit No GOCAU/2487 for this Art Union.

Monarc Global are leaders in providing solutions for aircraft operators and since 2017, has helped aircraft owners, charter operators and airlines automate their pricing and booking systems with their in-house built software Travech.  

Check out the team.