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Imagine being the lucky winner and flying to the Grand Final, Festivals or Concerts or simply a relaxing beach getaway holiday. It could be you!


Tickets are $15 each. If you are the lucky winner, you could travel in style to any sporting venue, entertainment stadium or your favourite holiday destination!

The Plane
The 2023 Cirrus G6 SR22 Private Plane is simply stunning from an exterior and interior viewpoint. It has luxury, style, and technology exuding from its design. When you get inside, it evokes the feeling of sliding into your favourite car. The clean-sheet breakthrough design has been continuously refined and enhanced with improvements to its performance, comfort, convenience and, most importantly, safety.

It has the remarkable life-saving CAPS® – Cirrus Airframe Parachute System ®, the most significant safety innovation in over a half-century of general aviation, to protect you and your fellow passengers.

Giovanni Portelli Photography © 2022
person flying plane

Cirrus has created an aircraft that has been best in its class for the last 22 years, offering a world of possibilities where adventure is limited only by your imagination. The cabin design accommodates your family/friends, gear and lifestyle. The 60/40 fold-down rear seatbacks offer greater flexibility for passengers and cargo in almost any combination. High-power USB charging ports are easily accessible from anywhere in the cabin to quickly recharge mobile devices and keep them energised throughout the flight. The Cirrus IQ™ also gives remote access to critical aircraft information from virtually anywhere in the world, so you will always know the real-time status of your aircraft and more before you arrive at the airport.

Fulfil your fantasy, dream big and good luck!